N3FS shares electrifying album ‘Cardiac Arrest’

By Todd Anderson

Stone Mountain, Georgia artist N3FS has shared a new album called Cardiac Arrest. Across 13 tracks, the rapper showcases his forward-thinking, adrenaline-fuelled sound atop abrasive, raw productions that combine influences from trap, hip-hop, hyperpop, and more. Powerful, cathartic rhythm sections make up the majority of these beats, contrasting intriguingly with sparkling, electrifying synths and dynamic, fluid melodies from N3FS.

Across the project, the production is laced with interesting drum patterns that draw influence from electronic, garage, and rock as well as hip-hop. Driving drums make up the heart of the infectious grooves of tracks like “Bonnie n’ Clyde” and “BOMF!” He switches up the rhythms throughout, never letting the record get too comfortable in one sound or style. “Breakitoff!” brings in a heavy garage influence, which blends intriguingly with his sleek auto-tuned, trap inspired vocals. It’s a refreshing and idiosyncratic combination that showcases the creativity of N3FS.

Title track “Cardiac Arrest!” brings in an ethereal, expansive beat that includes elements on DnB, drill, and trap. Here, he delivers floating, addictive melodies that draw the listener into the song’s smoky atmosphere. “Enemies” provides an explosive yet graceful sound with hypnotic samples and deep, booming 808s. Album highlight “BOMF!” impresses with its imposing and fierce sound, as clattering percussion and abrasive synths meld together to create a foreboding backdrop for N3FS’ powerful melodic delivery. Lastly, the album closes out with the infectious “Earth!”, which provides heavy replay value through its usage of winding synths, and bouncy 808s locked in with slick percussion. A powerful and catchy offering that draws from cloud rap and trap, “Earth!” hooks the listener in from the get-go and draws them into the song’s atmospheric sound.

The latest from Georgia’s N3FS, Cardiac Arrest finds him delivering a diverse and energetic project that flirts with hip-hop, trap, garage, DnB, and more. Showcasing the wide-ranging creativity of the young artist, the track-list surprises pleasantly at every turn, as you never know what to expect from each track, which keeps things exciting throughout.

Listen now HERE.

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