Tristan shares refreshing debut EP ‘Nomad’

Atlanta-born, Los Angeles-based artist Tristan has now shared his debut EP Nomad. A refreshing set of 6 tracks showcasing his versatility and catchy songwriting, it’s difficult to listen through the project without it making a lasting impression. Singles “She”, “Bring You”, and “The City” led the roll out, setting the stage with their silvery, expansive sound, and now with the full-length project’s release we get to see what else the rising musician has in store for us.

The project opens with lead single “She”, an energizing track that remains light on its toes throughout with nimble guitar riffs and buoyant percussion. As rich bass drops in beneath, Tristan enters with sharply-crafted and infectious melodies that enhance the song’s enlivening feel. The track transitions smoothly into “Bring You”, which contains expansive, vital production centred around sweeping, atmospheric synths, ambient guitars, and airy backing vocals. As crisp percussion and addictive bass lock in beneath, the song builds dynamically in layers, eventually culminating in a cathartic outro that takes the track to new heights sonically.

“The City” provides an EP highlight, slowing down the pace with warm, reverberating guitars and brisk percussion as Tristan delivers smooth, focused melodies over top. Drawing influence from indie, alt-pop, and hip-hop, the track makes for an intriguing listen that showcases his versatility as a songwriter. “Reckless” brings back the spacious feel of the EP’s earlier tracks with watery keys drifting in a dream-like fashion atop surreal synths, before raw guitars and heavy guitars up the intensity, making for an exciting, adrenaline-fuelled ending to the song.

The EP closes with the emotive, reflective “Tide”, which provides ample breathing room before the powerful, sparkling electronic-infused cut “Tape” provides a crescendo in energy. Ethereal, arpeggiated synths meld smoothly with deep bass and abstract percussion to create a kaleidoscopic backdrop for Tristan’s vibrant and poignant lyricism. Containing evocative, descriptive imagery, his lyrics on “Tape” immerse the listener in the song’s otherworldly feel, closing the project out in a sweeping, graceful manner.

The latest from Los Angeles-based artist Tristan, Nomad engagingly blends influences from alt-pop, rock, alternative R&B, and more, and has us intrigued as to what could come next from him. The set of 6 tracks takes the listener on a journey through soundscapes of light and dark, laced with silvery, atmospheric sonics that give the project a layered feel, helping to make Nomad a project that beckons numerous re-visits to catch each detail.

Listen to Nomad here:

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