Gios4ma opens up vault, releases “Saudade Samba” single

By Trey Fox

The experimental rapper-producer digs through his catalog to share a once-exclusive song on streaming.

The Jackson, MS Gios4ma standout builds on the success of his 2021 EP, “GO LIVE,” which was lauded as a refreshing project in the otherwise dark times of the COVID-19 pandemic. The EP has accumulated more than 40,000 streams across digital streaming platforms, and it also landed on the “Trending Albums” section on Audiomack next to Danny Brown’s acclaimed “XXX” (Deluxe Version) album. Gio’s latest drop is a notable track from his “Heatwave vol. 1” EP, available on Bandcamp. Re-released publicly on June 1, Gio is celebrating the song’s five year anniversary.

Listeners witness a masterclass in rapping over a woozy instrumental. With unique talents as a producer, Gio simply provided the instrumental and allowed his collaborators to show out in their respective verses. Chicago native King $ly delivers poignant rhymes about the state of the world post-2016 election and his determination to keep fighting in the midst of hard times. LA-based rapper Ghostie 8k takes aim at racism in our society, empathizing with his friends caught in an oppressive cycle. Gio takes a unique approach towards the end of the song, mixing the refrain of Ghostie 8k with $ly’s catchy hook. “Saudade Samba” is a song that rewards repeat listens.

Listen to “Saudade Samba” now:

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