Hidden Renaissance share vivid debut single, “The Hidden Ones”

Hip hop mega-collective Hidden Renaissance have shared their debut single “The Hidden Ones”, a vivid expression of detailed lyricism and textural, colorful production. Featuring consistently sharp vocal contributions from DEADPAN, King Quad, Snick Foley, LANO, and Pareto as well as producer brown_buddha, this song finds the artists sharing a natural chemistry as they balance boisterous energy and calming sonics effectively. “The Hidden Ones” features vibrant instrumentation centred around layered, watery keys and reminiscent accordions drifting atop organic-sounding drums that provide a sturdy rhythm. Throwing it back to the glory days of rap collectives, with a refreshing twist, “The Hidden Ones” makes for an expansive and focused offering.

Listen to “The Hidden Ones” now:

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