Haisai Maché shares eclectic new EP ‘Mr. Hunchback’

By Todd Anderson

Washington, DC-born, Virginia-bred artist Haisai Maché has returned with a fresh new EP called Mr. Hunchback. Showcasing his eclectic, character-rich sonics and genre-blending style, this 4-track offering finds him exploring a variety of soundscapes that flirt with electronic, alt-pop, hip-hop, and more. Textural and vibrant, these songs find him delivering catchy, dynamic vocal performances atop versatile instrumentation.

Opener “Mr. Hunchback” contains an infectious, dance-infused instrumental centred around swelling synths, energizing guitars, and bouncy percussion. Atop the lively production, Maché delivers bright, engaging melodies in his verses before delving into a memorable chorus. Next, “World Cup” introduces layered, watery reversed keys before vital percussion and addictive bass drop in beneath to give the song added replay value. Here, he delivers another series of tuneful melodies that urge the listener to continuously rewind.

“Closure” ups the pace with atmospheric keys and snapping percussion, creating an enticing groove that immerses the listener in the track’s airy sound. Maché delivers a fluid vocal performance here that enhances the song’s uplifting, expansive feel. Lastly, closer “Do You Like My Love?” brings in a warm, colorful house-influenced instrumental that blends smoothly with his upbeat vocals, making for a diverse, infectious end to the EP.

The latest from Virginia-based artist Haisai Maché, Mr. Hunchback finds him delivering a vivid, versatile set of 4 songs that flirt with a wide range of genres including pop, hip-hop, dance music, and more.

Listen to Mr. Hunchback here:

Connect with Haisai Maché: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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