Yulia Ehwaz presents her latest single “All I Want”

Alternative Pop-Punk artist, Yulia Ehwaz, makes her debut at Roundhouse Music with her latest single, “All I Want.” This take on the pop-punk genre consists of a captivating array of instrumentation & composition, deriving influences from Synthwave, Alternative R&B, and early 2000s punk-rock. Yulia exhibits a high level of artistry by presenting this evocative track with an outstanding orchestration sequence. The presence of the rhythmic electric guitar & hypnotizing bass evokes an emotional feeling of love & melancholy within its sound – a perfect backdrop for her mesmerizing vocals. Through a combination of artistry & innovative sonics, Yulia Ehwaz presents this unique moody track that you’re likely to find placed in a wide range of Spotify editorials.

Listen to “All I Want” here

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