Ricky Mapes shares new single “40 THOU”

Bronx rapper Ricky Mapes has shared a new release called “40 THOU”. Following up a prolific run of engaging, gritty singles including “BIG MAPES” and “FENTY”, this offering finds Mapes at the top of his game lyrically once again, delivering a series of sharp bars atop ominous production.

Icy pianos and hard-hitting drums open the track in a menacing manner, providing a solid foundation for Mapes’ dynamic bars and powerful delivery. Showcasing a focused command of the microphone, “40 THOU” finds him weaving together poised, confident lines effortlessly. Featuring engaging rhymes and heavy, grimy production, “40 THOU” makes for an invigorating listen overall.

Listen to “40 THOU” now:

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