Maggie Szabo releases pride anthem “Don’t Give Up” on DSPs

Prolific Canadian songwriter Maggie Szabo has released her popular pride anthem, “Don’t Give Up” on DSPs for the first time. This authentic and heartfelt song is dedicated to transgender youth around the world who live in fear and suffer from rejection and exclusion. The uplifting pop anthem’s music video was originally released in 2017 to a wide reception, and has now been released on all DSPs for streaming.

“Don’t Give Up” opens with grand, expansive choral vocals and airy, atmospheric synths before bouncy percussion is added to give the song an enticing groove. Atop the shimmering instrumentation, Szabo delivers powerful, infectious melodies that demonstrate her sharp songwriting abilities. Crescendoing in an explosive, inspiring chorus that lingers in the listener’s head long after listening, “Don’t Give Up” is an anthemic offering that provides a potent and important message.

The latest from Canadian artist Maggie Szabo, “Don’t Give Up”‘s heartfelt vocals and heavenly instrumentation make for an uplifting, poignant listen.

Stream “Don’t Give Up” now:

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