BRYN releases her latest single “Sellotape”

By Mark Generous

UK hip-hop artist, BRYN, drops her latest single, Sellotape- an innovative blend of UK drill and indie music. This release accurately displays the artist’s creative potential & versatility by taking two distinct genres of music and merging them into a unique yet entertaining project.

The song introduces its progression with the traditional high pass effect over BRYN’s euphonious vocals. The conventional introduction may sound like the beginning to a pop/indie song to the listener. Still, the track takes a turn by introducing a sequence of UK drill drums accompanied by elegant sounding harps and pads. This ingenious fuse of genres brings a new generation of drill music into fruition while still paying homage to the genre’s origins. By maintaining traditional composition, clever vocal patterns and melodic songwriting – Sellotape is a unique concept in the UK hip hop scene which BRYN is evidently dominating.

Listen to “Sellotape” here:

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