A Look Back At Teon Gibbs’ ‘Rose Tape’

By Mark Generous

The Metro Vancouver region has seen exponential growth in artistry and music culture within the past decade revealing new talent every day. Still, probably one of the most anticipated and recognized artists emerging from this rapidly growing city is the artist Teon Gibbs.

It’s going into three years since the release of his album Rose Tape, which features a lineup of many talented Vancouver artists & musicians such as Amber Bayani, Clive Fagan, Fara, Jonny Tobin, Makadi, & TRS. Since then, Rose Tape has become a timeless project that genuinely showcases Teon’s proficiency as an artist, collaborator and executive producer.

The overall composition of the Rose Tape project evokes a sense of sweet nostalgia mixed with ambition & desire – while overcoming the hardship of sacrifices. As the album progresses, listeners are exposed to a unique blend of instrumentation with sounds deriving from hip-hop, lo-fi, neo-soul, and R&B music.

“Typa Way” is one of those tracks that leave an everlasting footprint on the project, demonstrating Teon’s lyrical aptitude. Accompanied by a captivating chorus by Clive Fagan and soothing vocals from Amber Bayani & TRS – it’s a track that flawlessly exhibits Teon’s confidence and optimism as he overcomes the trials and tribulations of being a fresh, independent artist entering the music industry. His impressive beat selection for the project definitely plays a significant role in the album’s authenticity. In particular – the track “Way That It Goes” incorporates a left-field, lo-fidelity type R&B instrumental as an eccentric – yet fitting – back-drop for his and singer Fara’s mesmerizing voice. Given the complexity of the beat, which incorporates ethereal chord progressions over a prominently structured drum sequence, it’s a track that genuinely reveals his creative potential and tests his level of adaptability as an artist & lyricist. With each instrumental sounding distinct yet maintaining a sense of cohesiveness throughout the album- Teon reveals that he is not afraid to jump into the deep end, showing his ability to work over a wide range of sonics.

Rose Tape is only a glimpse of Teon’s line of work. The prolific artist continues to create music today, participating in many collaborative efforts and live performances. Each year, he displays a tremendous refinement in his sound and devotion to the craft. Truly an artist for the culture.

Listen to ‘Rose Tape’ here:

Watch the captivating music video/short film with IAMTHELIVING:

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