AVX shares new single “Manifest”

By Damilola Grey

AVX has finally dropped his first single of the year and to be honest, it
was worth the wait. AVX uses the 3-minute track to talk about his come up, while also addressing the negativity that came with it, from the fake love people showed to the haters. He doesn’t let it faze him though because he’s being himself, and he’s feeling great overall. “Manifest” has a calming vibe to it which makes it perfect for any mood. An amazing flow, top tier wordplay and perfect production solidifies this as one of the best singles to drop this year. When I talked to AVX about what the song means to him, he said “it’s about the importance of having a vision, a dream. It doesn’t matter if others don’t see it in their own reality. It can be reality as long as you work to manifest it”. The reality of this is simple: AVX dropped one of the best singles of the year with Manifest, and y’all have to check it out.

Give Manifest a listen HERE.

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