Hype sets the bar high with his new album ‘Talk To Me Nice’

By Mark Generous

Virginia-based rapper Hype collaborates with producer Soul Chemist– creating the timeless project Talk To Me Nice. The two showcase natural chemistry in their sound – paying homage to their hip-hop roots through traditional gritty drums, classic soul/gospel samples & unmatched lyricism.

From the start of the project until the end, the duo displays a strong sense of innovation and versatility—with each instrumental awakening a unique sense of charisma from the artist, Hype proves to the listeners that he is not one to run out of lyrical substance. His ability to adapt to different vocal patterns & techniques while maintaining cohesiveness through each track shows how he differentiates from other rappers in the industry. He expresses his determination
to set standards through the songs “To The Limit” and “Talk To Me Nice,” demonstrating cleverness through lyricism and his unparalleled pulmonary capacity.

Talk To Me Nice is Hype’s third album release available on all DSPs, and we’re looking forward to hearing more work from the Richmond, Virginia artist.

Listen to Talk To Me Nice now:

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