Katz with A K shares debut single “Wine Cave Fundraiser”

Sheffield, UK artist Katz with A K has come through with his debut single “Wine Cave Fundraiser”, with Phoneutrian on production. A refreshing, left-field offering, this single makes for a mind-expanding listen. Opening with textural, gritty string samples weaving in glitchy patterns atop crunchy drums, “Wine Cave Fundraiser” crafts a rich soundscape for Katz with A K’s off-the-wall, colorful lyricism. The song then erupts into a noisy, driving chorus that draws the listener into its otherworldly atmosphere. The debut single from Sheffield’s Katz with A K, “Wine Cave Fundraiser”‘s mystical content and outlandish production make for an intriguing, challenging listening experience.

Listen to “Wine Cave Fundraiser” now:

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