ShottyTheBeam releases new Disco-Drill track “AH YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO GOOD”

By Mason Romm

Singer-songwriter ShottytheBeam (Nashat Khan) is generating a new genre, fusing the electric flow of disco pop, and combining it with the eccentric drill style. Bringing forth a whole new movement setting him far aside from the others. His new single “AH YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO GOOD” debuted on April 15th. A perfect depiction of where Shottythebeam’s music is heading, fusing two genres into one- establishing a style which encapsulates intensity whilst also following 80’s disco undertone. With 100k on TikTok and a very genuine personality, Shotty is destined for stardom.

Listen to “AH YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO GOOD” here:

By mromm01

Founder of PLAYDATE.

Writer at Loading Magazine.

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