Femi Tahiru shares genre-bending EP ‘Obsidian’

By Griffen Elliott

Femi Tahiru is a young multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter hailing from Manchester, England. After dropping his debut EP called D.E.M.O.S in 2021 Tahiru gained notoriety, going viral on TikTok and racking up 500,000 streams in just one week. Now, he’s back for more, dropping his second EP Obsidian just 8 months later, and it is ridiculously good. Sweet, lush, catchy, and wavy are just some of the words that come to mind to describe this project, and don’t just take my word for it either- the two singles off this EP “Counting On You” and “Home” have seen love from BBC Radio‘s Tom Robinson. Femi deserves all of this attention though, as he is getting better with every release and is currently criminally underrated.

Listen to ‘Obsidian’ now:

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