Cheryl B. Engelhardt releases immersive album ‘The Passenger’

By Todd Anderson

New age artist Cheryl B. Engelhardt has released a new album called The Passenger, featuring Grammy-winning musician Lili Haydn of Opium Moon, Dallas String Quartet, and more. Bridging the gap between emotive instrumental composition and ambient instincts, The Passenger is an immersive project that showcases Engelhardt’s wide compositional range and evocative instrumentation.

The Passenger opens with “The Beautiful Bridge”, a layered, expansive ambient song that conjures imagery of nature and calms the mind with its delicate sound. “The Light That’s Left” follows up with celestial instrumentation that inspires imagery of open landscapes with soft ambient synths and evocative neoclassical elements. Album highlight “The Chariot” brings in an epic, expansive soundscape with grand strings that build in layers until the song climaxes, bringing in delicate pianos and harps to underscore the strings. Offerings like “The Angels’ Lullaby” feel pensive and thoughtful, as patient pianos float alongside warm strings. The album closes out on a high note with “The Message” and “The Ambient Love”, two tracks of jaw-dropping beauty centred around silky, immersive orchestration.

The latest from composer Cheryl B. Engelhardt, The Passenger is an evocative, dream-like album that immerses listeners in its delicate beauty.

Listen to ‘The Passenger’ now:

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