Rae Radick shares engaging new single “When It Goes Down”

By Todd Anderson

New York songstress Rae Radick has shared a new single called “When It Goes Down”, featuring fellow NY musician Vin Scialla. Set to an incredibly climatic tone, “When It Goes Down,” is a reflective, engaging single that finds Rae putting a few of her many talents on display. Utilizing her songwriting abilities, she pens a relatable record comparing the end of a relationship to that feeling you may get when you reach the end of the road in general. Featuring Vin Scialla on the guitar, the duo do a great job of meshing with one another, as Rae’s deeper vocal tone perfectly compliments the infectious melodic runs provided by Scialla. In all, the single provides a great insight into Rae for newer fans, while also serving as a great release for already established listeners. 

Listen to “When It Goes Down” here:

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