Giles shares powerful new single “Alive”

Orlando, Florida’s Giles has shared a new single called “Alive”, which captures his focused, inspiring sound. A multi-talented artist, the musician born Alvin Giles is a skilled producer, composer, and audio engineer. After a 10 year hiatus from music, he has returned to deliver a powerful, sharply-crafted new offering that keeps the listener glued to the speakers throughout.

“Alive” opens with soulful keys underscoring Giles’ energizing, dynamic vocals, before fast-paced, engaging percussion drop in beneath to create an infectious groove. This song continues to build until it erupts into a climactic chorus featuring layered instrumentation, as expansive guitars ring out beneath the steady drum pattern. A versatile offering that blends influences from a variety of genres into a heartfelt, memorable track, “Alive” showcases Giles focused skills as a songwriter and arranger.

Listen to “Alive” now:

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