J.Rez shares fiery new single “WOAH”

Vancouver, Canada-based artist J.Rez has shared a new single called “WOAH”. A focused writer who began crafting lyrics at the young age of seven, the artist has developed a sharp-witted, memorable rap style. His latest offering “WOAH” is a fiery single that gets the adrenaline pumping with fierce vocals, spacey synths, and grooving bass. As crisp, head-banging drums drop in, J.Rez makes a powerful entrance and showcases his command of the microphone, weaving elastic flows at a rapid pace. Then, he throws in a subtly melodic chorus that sticks in the listener’s mind, while adding dynamics to the track and capping it off in an engaging fashion. A driving, exciting track overall, “WOAH” is the latest from Canadian artist J.Rez, exhibiting his sharp lyrical abilities and blistering flow atop muscular production.

Listen to “WOAH” now:

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