Dzh shares blazing album ‘Dante’s Inferno’

Madison, New Jersey’s Dzh is a double threat, boasting skills as both a rapper and producer that he developed through years of experimentation. Beginning with engaging early projects like his 2019 debut Under This Hoodie and 2020’s The Durag Tape, the artist carved a niche for himself as a rising voice from the East Coast to watch. Now, he has returned with a brand new full length album called Dante’s Inferno, an appropriately blazing album that showcases his versatile skills as a vocalist, producer, and songwriter.

From the get-go, this album displays remarkably quick-witted wordplay and a powerful, sharp flow that demands the listener’s attention. Opener “Inferno” sets the tone and showcases what makes Dzh such a captivating emcee, as he weaves together dynamic rhyme patterns atop the exhilarating instrumentation. Then, tracks like “1999” and “Relying On Me” slow down the pace and take on a more introspective mood, exhibiting his skills as an overall songwriter. Across this album, Dzh offers an engagingly versatile, sonically gripping set of songs that imprint themselves upon the listener’s memory for days.

Listen to ‘Dante’s Inferno’ now:

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