PEAK, Shally Rehal, and KULTARGOTBOUNCE connect for “OUTLAW”

Surrey, Canada artists PEAK, Shally Rehal, and KULTARGOTBOUNCE have connected for “OUTLAW”, a memorable, atmospheric single that follows up their previous joint effort “NO HOOK”. While this is just their second collaboration as a trio, one would never know it, as they three share an undeniably natural chemistry that translates itself to an immersive, engaging experience for the listener.

On “OUTLAW”, they lean upon their individual strengths to create an enticingly cohesive package, with infectious production from KULTARGOTBOUNCE, and vibrant, sharply-crafted vocals from PEAK and Rehal. This is a track that uniquely combines influences from international music cultures, as two sides of Indian-Canadian music are blended together with an ear-worm English R&B hook by PEAK and smooth Punjabi vocals on the verses from Rehal. A resonant, versatile track from PEAK, Shally Rehal, and KULTARGOTBOUNCE, “OUTLAW” further proves that they are rising artists to keep a close eye on coming out of Canada.

Listen to “OUTLAW” now:

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