Chanelle Kazadi & Matty Wood$ share laid-back single “Pootie Tang”

By Jacob Ezra

Ravenna, Ohio’s Chanelle Kazadi has connected with St. Louis’ Matty Wood$ for a new single called “Pootie Tang”. Providing a laid-back, refreshing listen with layered, warm sonics and smooth vocals, this song makes for a strong follow-up to her well-received previous album Make It Work. It opens with grooving guitars and watery, vibrant keys that set a sunny backdrop for Wood$ entrance, as he comes through with a charismatic, melodious flow. Underscored by bouncy percussion and rich 808s, this song picks up an infectious groove that lingers in one’s head long after listening. Wood$ vocals transition smoothly into Kazadi’s flexible, vivid rhymes, with the two sharing a natural chemistry throughout. She flows effortlessly over the beat with a relaxed yet commanding tone, matching the beat’s character-rich sound with playful, confident bars.

The latest from Ohio’s Kazadi, “Pootie Tang” is a smooth collaboration that makes for an apt soundtrack to the warming weather as we move towards spring.

Listen to “Pootie Tang” now:

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