Cashus King and Jeff Johnson share epic new song “Heaven Man Earth”

Los Angeles artists Cashus King and Jeff Johnson have shared a new song called “Heaven Man Earth”. This 11-minute epic from the two underground standouts explores an intriguing variety of rich, uplifting soundscapes, and contains vividly poetic lyricism and sharp flows. With a storied history in the Los Angeles hip-hop scene, King and Johnson have developed evocative styles hinged around vibrant, cerebral wordplay and deft flows. “Heaven Man Earth” is no exception, with thought-provoking, philosophical content and uplifting sonics.

This single kicks off with glowing, colorful pianos that drift above crunchy, organic-sounding drums, creating a solid foundation for King’s powerful opening verse. Floating atop the regal beat, his vocal tone is commanding yet calm, and his rhyme schemes are flexible and smooth. Engaging dynamics are added when the pianos that make up the heart of the first instrumental shift into celestial vocal samples that twist psychedelically atop the grooving percussion. Then, the pianos are brought back in again and King’s lyricism reaches new levels poetically, as his rhymes evoke crystal clear imagery in the listener’s head. Towards the culmination of the track, winding, celestial vocal samples and warm keys underscore Johnson’s entrance, as he comes through with dextrous verses containing personality-rich, dense lyricism that puts the listener in a headspace of poignant self-reflection.

A powerful, pensive offering from King and Johnson, “Heaven Man Earth” uplifts and inspires deep thought with spiritual, philosophical lyricism and ethereal sonics. The latest from the two west coast veterans, this track is an epic adventure through vibrant and character-rich imagery and sounds that feel dream-like and yet simultaneously starkly real.

Listen to “Heaven Man Earth” now:

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