Kevian Kraemer shares energetic new single “Take a Hint”

Kevian Kraemer has shared a new single called “Take a Hint”. Topically, this single is about someone constantly crawling back to you, despite all the negativity they have put you through. “Take a Hint” is about growing and becoming more aware of their behaviour, so that you are able to recognize the reality of the situation and protect yourself by creating boundaries.

Sonically, the single’s energizing guitars, fast-paced drums, and driving bass create an engaging rhythm that is simply infectious. Moreover, Kraemer’s melodies are memorable and addictive to listen to, as he caps the song off with a lively chorus that sticks in the listener’s head long after. The latest from Kevian Kraemer, this single has us excited for a possible longer project from the artist, as this is just his third single on streaming platforms to date.

Listen now:

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