Alexcusemy returns with new EP ‘The Alexcusemy Show’

Houston artist Alexcusemy has returned with a new EP called The Alexcusemy Show. A rapper, producer, and mix engineer, he has been prolific in recent months, dropping this project fresh off the heels of his atmospheric, catchy Japan Two EP. Drawing influences from hip-hop, cloud rap, alternative R&B, and drill, The Alexcusemy Show dabbles in different genres in an intriguing manner, all the while providing the refreshing sound that Alexcusemy is known for.

A 3-track offering, this EP opens with “Hurts My Heart”, an addictive, bouncy joint that pairs sliding 808s with energetic percussion and bright synths. Here, Alexcusemy drops into some rapid, hip-hop influenced verses before transitioning smoothly into an addictive and charismatic chorus that feels expansive and colorful. Next, “Stimulated” creates a more laid-back pace as it enters with reflective keys and crisp, sturdy drums. Vocally, he comes with an introspective tone on this track, talking about his previous experiences with being prescribed ADHD medication as a youth. With an interesting and relatable theme that isn’t discussed enough, “Stimulated” makes for a thought-provoking listen. Lastly, the project closes with “High Lows”, which brings in a cloudier atmosphere through its usage airy synths and pillowy 808s. As Alexcusemy delivers infectious melodies over top, the track immerses the listener in its otherworldly sound and provides much replay value.

The latest from Houston’s Alexcusemy, The Alexcusemy Show is aptly titled because it makes for a visual listen, conjuring various images from his current and past life experiences. With colorful beats and personality-rich, addictive vocals, this EP is both relatable and fun-loving.

Listen now:

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