Dzh shares new single “Ethic”

By Damilola Grey

Few artists have mastered the art of never missing on their releases, and Dzh is one of them. The New Jersey native is back with another track titled “Ethic” which sees him painting another picture of his earlier life. He talks about working multiple jobs to take care of various bills, and also assures his brothers that they’re going to beat the odds, one way or another. While he used the first verse to talk about his life and occupations, he used the second verse to discuss his love life (something which we aren’t used to Dzh talking about on songs). A very up-tempo beat, catchy lyrics, and a perfect delivery makes “Ethic” unforgettable. When I asked him about the relevance of the track to him, he said “Ethic, for me, allows me to go back to my years, in high school, when I was working jobs after jobs after jobs. It meant that in the midst of this life trying to be a successful artist, to have a little fun while working, but to always keep at it and remember who and what I’m doing it for”. Dzh started the month off right with this drop, and we can’t wait to see what more he has on the way.

Stream “Ethic” HERE.

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