Superior & Stove God Cooks share maxi-single “THE GOD THAT SAT BY THE STOVE”

German producer Superior and Syracuse, New York rapper Stove God Cooks have shared a soulful new maxi-single called “THE GOD THAT SAT BY THE STOVE”. With raw, rich production from Superior and characteristically charismatic, flexible rhymes from Stove God Cooks, this offering feels like a match made in heaven. It opens with the stylish “161”, which brings in textured, smoky guitars and minimal percussion to create a solid foundation for Cooks’ vivid wordplay and smooth delivery. He tackles this beat with ease, drawing in the listener with his detail-rich lyricism. Next, “Sweet Dreams” brings in layered sampling and warm bass, adding elegant percussion to give the song a silky feel. Atop the laid-back instrumental, Cooks delivers strong verses full of engaging punchlines that keep the listener glued to the speakers throughout, trying to catch every word.

Listen now:

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