Alexcusemy shares new EP ‘JAPAN Two’

Rising Houston rapper-producer Alexcusemy has come through with a new EP called JAPAN Two. The prolific artist, who has been on a hot streak of late with solid projects like the versatile Stratosphere, continues to progress his cloudy, atmospheric sound on this offering.

The project kicks off with “2 Commas” with fellow rapper-producer silversurfersosurreal, a track featuring shimmering, airy production and infectious melodies. As the beat’s glowing keys glide beneath Alexcusemy’s smooth flow, the song draws the listener deeply into its atmosphere, providing a relaxing, psychedelic listening experience. Next, “Gotta Flex” with Madchyld ups the tempo and adds in more maximalist percussion, bringing in a slight drill influence. Here, Alexcusemy comes through with some of his most stylish and catchy vocals, with inflections and melodies that stick in one’s head long after listening. An uplifting, triumphant track, “Gotta Flex” finds him reflecting on how far he’s come and celebrating his wins.

This track transitions smoothly into “Tell Me, Would You?”, a summery, bass-heavy joint that pairs ethereal synths with crisp percussion. Here, Alexcusemy comes through with some charismatic verses that float over the driving instrumental. Lastly, the project closes out with “Bass on Hi”, a celebratory track that uses surreal synths and pillowy 808s to conjure a cloudy atmosphere. Alexcusemy delivers some sharply-crafted vocals on this song that captivate and finish the project off on a high note.

Overall, JAPAN Two‘s triumphant, psychedelic soundscape provides a refreshing take on cloud rap, mixing laid-back vibes with stylishness seamlessly. The latest from Houston’s Alexcusemy, this EP finds the multi-talented artist reaching new heights sonically as he continues to grow and explore.

Listen to ‘JAPAN Two’ now:

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