mynameisntjmack & Tommy Richman share fresh single “BUNKER/ PREROLL”

mynameisntjmack and Tommy Richman have shared a new single called “BUNKER/ PREROLL”, produced by John Wehmeyer and Myles Sweeney. An infectious, refreshing offering, “BUNKER/ PREROLL” features a pensive, laid-back instrumental centred around bright keys and spacey backing vocals. As addictive, rich bass and crisp percussion build a strong foundation for the vocalist’s limber, clever verses, one cannot help but groove and vibe to this character-rich joint. With charmingly self-deprecating lyrical content and a sharply-crafted, memorable chorus, this track provides heavy replay value, and a cohesive whole package that equal parts fun and thoughtful.

Listen to “BUNKER/ PREROLL” now:

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