Fatboi Sharif & LoneSword share new EP ‘Cyber City Society’

Fatboi Sharif and LoneSword have shared a fresh new EP called Cyber City Society. An appropriately titled project, it presents a set of futuristic, mind-expanding tracks that surprise at every turn.

Cyber City Society kicks off with the glitchy, cerebral “Acid Rain”, a track that uses walls of sound to conjure an apocalyptic mood. Featuring sinister reversed samples and gritty, lo-fi drums, this instrumental from LoneSword feels perfect for Sharif’s eccentric, vibrant lyricism. “Acid Rain” transitions smoothly into the next track “Plastered”, a slower, surrealist joint centred around syrupy samples that twist psychedelically underneath Sharif’s deep vocals. Here, he rides LoneSword’s kaleidoscopic production with ease, showcasing his knack for off-the-wall, dynamic flows.

A highlight song appears in “Monster Theme”, featuring L.I.F.E. Long, which uses a minimalistic instrumental and languid vocals to create an icy, foreboding soundscape. A mind-expanding offering, “Monster Theme” feels as if it travelled back from the future to be harboured on this EP. Finally, the project closes out with “Adolescence”, an atmospheric song that uses space interestingly, as city sounds soaked in reverb echo beneath Sharif’s vividly poetic verses. A stimulating flood of imagery, “Adolescence”‘ makes for an evocative, dream-like way to close the EP.

An intriguing, dense project from Fatboi Sharif and LoneSword, Cyber City Society is admirable in its bold experimentation, as well as its emotive and evocative lyricism and production. Following up last year’s acclaimed album Gandhi Loves Children, Sharif seems to be expanding his already progressive sound here alongside talented producer LoneSword.

Listen to ‘Cyber City Society’ now:

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