The China Blue shares fresh single “Out of My Mind”

By Jacob Ezra

Savannah, Georgia-based artist The China Blue has returned with a new single called “Out of My Mind”. Pairing pop sensibilities and an ear for memorable melodies with refreshingly forward-thinking sounds, this track is groovy, futuristic and layered, making for an intriguing listening experience. As The China Blue delivers heartfelt lyrical content discussing mental health and its repercussions, one can’t help but identify with his themes on various levels, making this track relatable and necessary. On top of the boldly personal content, his songwriting is sharp and his melodies infectious, giving “Out of My Mind” much replay value. Following his recent EP, the progressive The Last Several Months, “Out of My Mind” finds The China Blue continuing to expand his character-rich, idiosyncratic sound, captivating the listener in the process.

Listen to “Out of My Mind” now:

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