Zay Suav glides on new single “Like A Ghost”

By Jacob Ezra

New York artist Zay Suav has returned once again with a new single called “Like A Ghost”. The highly prolific musician, who has released a consistent series of strong singles of late, continues to progress his melodic, atmospheric sound on “Like A Ghost”, an aptly titled track that is ethereal in mood. Here, warm guitars and dream-like keys create an addictive melody that underscores Suav’s smooth vocals nicely. When bouncy percussion and immersive 808s are brought in, the song soars to higher levels, picking up an addictive rhythm that gives it heavy replay value. Another solid offering from Zay Suav, “Like A Ghost” finds him progressing his songwriting even further, while once again showing his natural ear for catchy, quality production.

Listen to “Like A Ghost” now:

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