juicethedon shares ‘Buy One, Get One Free, Vol. 2’

South Carolina artist juicethedon has returned with the second instalment of his Buy One, Get One Free series. Raised in Charleston in a household of musicians, the gifted lyricist has consistently been releasing engaging, vibrant tracks lately. Here, reflective, smoky jazz-laced opener “U Know My Name” sets the tone beautifully, conjuring an immersive atmosphere filled with warmth and density. Showcasing juicethedon’s characteristically smooth, dextrous flow, the song kicks the 2-song offering off on a high note.

Next, “4th Quarter” provides wistful, nostalgic instrumentation centred around moody vocal samples and glowing guitars. Underscored by subtle, organic percussion and rich bass, this beat lays a solid foundation for juicethedon’s evocative vocal performance, as he glides over the sentimental instrumentation with ease, delivering verses filled with vivid lyricism.

Listen to Buy One, Get One Free, Vol. 2 now:

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