Dre A.M. shares defiant new single “Not a Hobby”

Queens, New York rapper Dre A.M. has shared a new single “Not a Hobby”, where topically he seeks to redefine how society sees an artist’s role. As an artist, the amount of times that you hear people belittle your work in a variety of ways can get understandably frustrating, and this song touches on this at length. A relatable offering for many in music today, “Not a Hobby”‘s sharply-crafted lyricism and vivid instrumentation drew us in immediately.

Featuring an instrumental centred around menacing, icy keys and deep, pounding drums, “Not a Hobby” makes for an imposing yet infectious listen. It is Dre A.M.’s elastic flow and descriptive, thought-provoking lyricism that is the cherry on top here, as he comes through with some spell-binding verses that kept us on our toes throughout.

Listen to “Not a Hobby” now:

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