Dzh shares new single “Relying on Me”

By Damilola Grey

Dzh has finally dropped his highly anticipated single “Relying on Me”. The 3-minute track sees Dzh paint a picture of his life growing up, and all the hardships he faced. He states he’s only relying on himself due to people’s absence in his time of need. He remembers how they laughed at him and never believed in him. He also recalls working twice as much as others due to the pressure of taking care of the house. Dzh’s delivery and lyrics help take listeners on this journey through his life. When I talked to Dzh about significance of the track to him, he said “Relying on Me” is more than just a song for me. It’s a reminder that no matter who stays or leaves, at the end of the day, I still have myself and that’s all I’ve really needed to have things done. Sort of a selfish song in a sense, but I made this record for me and myself only”. Although Dzh said he made the record for himself only, “Relying on Me” is too good a track to not to be listened to by everyone.

Stream “Relying on Me” now here.

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