Control Room and LNDN share energizing single “Know You”

By Jacob Ezra

Rising artists Control Room and LNDN have shared a new single titled “Know You” on the Glasse Factory imprint. A refreshing collaboration between these Western Canadian producers, “Know You”‘s forward-thinking, bass-driven sound is welcomingly energizing. Containing layered, breezy synths and airy vocal samples buzzing atop bouncy, textured percussion, this track conjures a lively, immersive atmosphere.

Steadily building an enticing groove using powerful, vital bass and crisp, fast-paced drums “Know You” provides an engaging listen, while also showcasing Control Room and LNDN’s willingness to push boundaries. Unafraid to test new ground sonically, the artists show a keen sense for crafting intricate melodies and idiosyncratic grooves. The patchwork of complex synths on “Know You” make this especially evident, as they create a dense soundscape that still manages to remain highly cohesive throughout. Balancing a more maximal approach with tangible rhythms and grooves, “Know You” is a clear example of Control Room and LNDN’s focus and poise as producers, as they achieve a spectrum of sounds that is vibrant and enticing.

The latest release from these Western Canadian artist on the rising Glasse Factory imprint, “Know You”‘s progressive, layered sound drew us in immediately. With a refreshing sense for unorthodox melodies and grooves, this track provided an energizing mood that made us want to move right off the bat. We can only hope more is soon to come from Control Room and LNDN, who evidently share a natural chemistry on this offering.

Listen to “Know You” now:

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