LNG shares smooth debut single, “Attached to Me”

By Jacob Ezra

Melbourne, Australia artist LNG has shared his debut single “Attached to Me”, a smooth, infectious offering that fuses pop and R&B together in a refreshingly seamless fashion. Displaying a keen ear for melodies and a penchant for relatable lyricism, he appears to be already making a strong introduction with this debut.

“Attached to Me” features a warm, addictive instrumental containing glowing key and atmospheric backing vocals. As bouncy percussion and a highly memorable bass-line are brought in, this track picks up an irresistibly catchy groove. Overtop, LNG delivers sharply-crafted verses chock full of engaging melodies. His voice is smooth yet confident, drawing us into this track’s balmy atmosphere and holding our attention closely throughout. A sharply-crafted, fun-loving track overall, “Attached to Me” provides much replay value.

Listen to “Attached to Me” now:

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