D-Bibbs shines on “NO KD” [Video]

By Jacob Ezra

Birmingham, Alabama artist D-Bibbs has shared a fiery new offering called “NO KD”. The 22-year old rapper, who has been gaining momentum for his engaging sound and diverse vocal abilities, displays a sharp ear for production, as well as razor-sharp lyricism on this track. Accompanied by a raw, evocative visual shot by JakePutMeOn, “NO KD” is a memorable release that beckons many re-visits.

The instrumental on “NO KD” is triumphant and defiant, suitably underscoring D-Bibbs’ powerful vocals. With icy, adrenaline-pumping synths that soar atop head-banging percussion and muscular 808s, this beat is a truly addictive listen. Moreover, D-Bibbs’ verses are gripping, as he hits you with line after line of finely-tuned lyricism delivered with a commanding cadence. Paired with a refreshingly raw and unfiltered video that captures this song’s passionate essence, “NO KD” provides the whole package- infectious production, captivating vocals, and a well-crafted visual that enhances the track’s vibe.

Watch the visual for “NO KD” here:

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