Babyg the Artist shares ‘Confetti World’ EP

By Damilola Grey

Babyg the Artist has finally dropped her long-awaited EP Confetti World. The project dropped the same day as her birthday. The 8-track EP is a collection of all of Babyg’s sounds- from the hard-hitting “Reaper”- a personal favorite of mine- where BabyG and Dzh drop their hardest bars to the melodic, in-your-feelings type track “Aquarius Lover”, to “1017”, where Babyg addresses a friendship she lost sometime last year. Fans were also blessed with an extended version of “Confetti”.

Confetti World has a track for every mood, vibe, or feel. The New Jersey native stated that Confetti World represents putting aside your ego and having a parade to celebrate yourself- your past, your mistakes, excitement for the future and so forth. Confetti World was honestly worth the wait, and we are excited to see visuals, and whatever else Babyg has in store for us.

Listen to Confetti World HERE

Watch the video for “lifestylegreen”:

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