New Music Spotlight: JuJu2x & Yung Vince- “Give Her Back” [Video]

JuJu2x and Yung Vince have shared a new video for their song “Give Her Back”. Multi-talented artists, JuJu2x and Yung Vince’s diverse styles blend hip-hop and R&B into a seamless combination, providing an engaging sense for rap flows while simultaneously displaying keen ears for buttery R&B melodies. The artists, who originate from Fort Worth, Texas, have steadily been building a catalogue of vibrant, infectious bangers, and their latest release is no exception. “Give Her Back”‘s hazy, moody soundscape captured our attention immediately, drawing us into its layered sound. Accompanied by a fresh new visual, this release provides much replay value.

The production on “Give Her Back” is hard-hitting yet atmospheric, balancing heavy, crisp drums and booming 808s with elegant, reverb-soaked keys. The instrumental’s usage of heavy sounds with lighter elements lends itself to an engaging listening experience, drawing one into the song’s smoky, nocturnal mood. Atop the instrumental, JuJu2x and Yung Vince deliver rapidly-paced, exciting verses that combine smooth rap flows with melodic R&B sensibilities in their characteristic style. Raw yet effortlessly charismatic, their vocal performances add catchiness to this already contagious track. Accompanied by an exciting video that utilizes subdued lighting to capture this song’s dark, immersive feel, JuJu2x and Yung Vince deliver a cohesive package on this new release that enthrals the listener.

Culminating in their latest offering, it has been interesting to watch JuJu2x and Yung Vince’s growth as artists, over a series of memorable tracks that document their willingness to blend interesting sounds together. An exciting counterpart to Texas’ rich R&B and hip-hop scene, these two artists appear to be accelerating their songwriting skills at a rapid pace by way of a tireless work ethic. Moreover, the chemistry the two share is evident on “Give Her Back”, with their vocals flowing together seamlessly. With slightly different styles and tones, yet an overall similar vibe and ethos, the two working together seems like an organic fit.

Overall, “Give Her Back” is an exhilarating track that pairs spacey ambiance with head-nodding rhythms to craft an infectious blend. With JuJu2x and Yung Vince coming from Texas, a state renowned for producing talented, prolific artists at a fast rate, the two musicians stand out while still directly paying homage to the area’s beloved sound. This is made evident on “Give Her Back”, a vibrant, addictive offering that captures the classic feel of Southern hip-hop while simultaneously providing something refreshing. With its smoky, dark vibe and powerful sonics, “Give Her Back” will likely be in our rotation for some time, and it has us anticipating what will come from JuJu2x and Yung Vince in 2022.

“Give Her Back” audio:

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