Terrence Leon is back with new single “Etch a Sketch”

By Damilola Grey

Terrence Leon is back with his first single of the year, titled “Etch a Sketch”. This marks his first release of 2022, and there was no better way to start it than with this track. The 3-minute song sees Terrence talk about love, and being in love with someone to the point where you would Etch a Sketch of their name on your heart (get a tattoo of their name). He doesn’t see anyone apart from his partner cause there’s simply no one like her. When I talked to Terrence about this track, he said it’s about “appreciating the magic in the moment”. Etch a Sketch is a track guaranteed to have anyone in their feelings due to Terrence Leon’s heavenly vocals, the amazing production, as well as the smooth feel of the track.

Stream “Etch a Sketch” below:

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