Dear Me shares heartfelt release “I’m learning”

Nashville artist Dear Me has shared a heartfelt new single called “I’m learning”. An evocative track that captures his personal, charmingly relatable style, this song conjures a wistful mood that drew us in immediately. Continuing the success of recent singles like “i wish this was still about you” and “Never the Same”, the poet and songwriter shines on this offering for his vivid songwriting and emotional depth.

“I’m learning” features a dream-like instrumental centred around reflective, earthy guitars and rich bass, and confessional vocals from Dear Me. With immersive instrumentation and movingly poetic writing, this track offers an emotionally layered listening experience that is highly relatable. Overall, the sentiment shared on this song is necessary for these times, with many people confused by our world right now and in the midst of searching for themselves.

Listen to “I’m learning” now:

Dear Me on social media: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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