Erik Evy returns with new single “Synonymous”

By Damilola Grey

Erik Evy is back with another single titled “Synonymous”. The 3-minute track has a feel-good vibe, in which Erik keeps his OG lo-fi flow but adds a bit more aggression. Erik is apparently talking to a woman he has developed feelings for on the track, and he wants them to go on a ride while listening to some Mac Miller. He also asks for the lady to keep it loose with him as his heart rapidly beats each time he’s around her.

When I talked to Erik Evy about “Synonymous”, he said that this was the first song he’s made where he didn’t play it safe. He stated that while not everyone might like it, in order to get better he needs to experiment with different sounds. “Synonymous”, in my opinion, is one of Erik’s best tracks and I honestly can’t wait to see the new sounds and songs he has in store for us.

Listen to “Synonymous” now:

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