Shane Dylan’s “Around Me” is our track of the week

Written by Jacob Ezra

21 year old Boston artist Shane Dylan‘s smoky, heartfelt “Around Me”, featuring Jolee Gordon, Red Shaydez, and Seefour, has been chosen as our track of the week. A joint off his stellar new album A Star or a Lonely Dreamer, “Around Me” effectively conjures a warm, nostalgic mood that is completely immersive.

Instrumentally, the track is centred around glowing, hazy Rhodes keys underscored by rich bass and natural percussion. Accompanied by grand, spacey horns, the production is beautiful and mesmerizing. Paired with excellent vocal performances that carry the listener away to another world, this is a song to re-visit again and again.

If you enjoyed this joint, be sure to check out the rest of Dylan’s great new album A Star or a Lonely Dreamer.

Stream “Around Me”:

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