Babyg the Artist shares new song “Untitled”

Written by Damilola Grey

New Jersey native Babyg the Artist has shared a new single called “Untitled”. Gearing up for the release of her upcoming EP, Babyg the Artist dropped “Untitled” to get fans ready, while also showing her versatility. “Untitled” is full of mellow vibes fans have seen before in a few of her tracks. According to Babyg the Artist, the song was named “Untitled” because she touched too many topics on the track and didn’t want to put a limit on it. She uses the track to talk about her love for music, as well as some issues she has gone through in recent months. Babyg the Artist is showing the world she’s ready to take over, and “Untitled” is a clear example of how amazing she is on the mic.

Listen to “Untitled”:

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