Discover Prax and his Popular Releases

Written by Avinash Singh

PRAX & 916frosty bring a fierce unique energy to the track with ear-catching melodies & flows. The track’s storyline revolves around PRAX’s struggle with love, substance abuse, and mental illness. 
The Australian alt R&B artist ‘PRAX’ has joined forces with US emo-rap artist ‘916frosty’ on ETHANOL. This r&b-emo-rap banger hits hard with a dark melodic instrumental and its haunting atmosphere. 

“ETHANOL” catches your attention from the first bars and highlights the artist’s talent for words and flows. Once you listen to the track you will be hooked to him. They are sensational and most definitely a breath of fresh air to R&B-emo-rap. Their sound is so unique and electrifying at the same time. 

Along with “ETHANOL” we were equally amazed by PRAX’s other popular outstanding single “INSANE”, totally blew us away and he has the potential to become one of the biggest names. The charming young singer has everything to seduce us: a singular and unique voice, the energy that directly touches your soulFirst off let me just say how much I love musical art, which has a colorful, retro avant-garde aesthetic. The song itself represents the best of what pop/hip-hop has to offer. PRAX’s flow is sharp and wild, raw and addictive. His recognizable haunting vocal tone perfectly completes the hard-hitting dark production.

PRAX made an amazing impression with “ETHANOL” and “INSANE”  and we will make sure to follow his steps as it is certain that he will conquer a larger audience. Meanwhile, dive into his flow right now:

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