Lil Hudak & Lil Shock share energizing new single “Everyday”

Cleveland artist Lil Hudak has joined forces with Lil Shock for a new single called “Everyday”. This upbeat new song, produced by 1Mallows, combines bright guitars with bouncy drums to convey a sense of hope.

1Mallows’ instrumental for “Everyday” sparkles with energy, as fast-paced guitars ring out over head-nodding percussion. Beneath, rich bass lays a solid groove that makes room for Lil Hudak and Lil Shock to provide their catchy, smooth vocals. They come through with some engaging verses that keep one on their toes, giving this release extra vitality. Overall, this track has a lot of replay value, providing a vigorous, vibrant listen.

Hopefully more is soon to come from Lil Hudak and Lil Shock, two up-and-coming artists to watch. Be sure to connect with them and stream more of their music.

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