Onik & FindingVon share reflective track “Couldn’t Find Myself”

Long Island artist Onik has enlisted FindingVon for a new collaboration called “Couldn’t Find Myself”. Over top of groovy, warm guitars, the vocalists provide a reflective, pensive performance that keeps the listener on their toes.

The instrumental for “Couldn’t Help Myself” is emotive and bittersweet, using reminiscent guitars and bouncy drums to create a pensive mood. Moreover, the bass on the track is catchy and rich, enforcing a driving rhythm that gives the track much replay value. The drifting vocals from Onik and FindingVon convey a sense of longing and add layers to the song both emotionally and sonically, pairing with the beat smoothly to enhance the overall listening experience.

All in all, “Couldn’t Help Myself” is a poignant track from Onik and FindingVon that immediately draws the listener into its nostalgic atmosphere. The two artists share an effortlessly organic chemistry, and complement eachother’s vocal performance in a charming manner.

Written by Jacob Saltzberg for Roundhouse Music.

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