DeEtta Jain shares long awaited EP ‘A Walk in the Park’

By Damilola Grey

DeEtta Jain has finally dropped her long awaited EP, A Walk in the Park , and this is not a project to be played with. Her amazing vocals coupled with her therapeutic voice gives the EP a soothing vibe. The tape boasts of production from DlzMksBts.

When I asked DeEtta what the EP meant to her, she said A Walk in the Park is a title that holds the same playful and momentous nature of the tracks. I wanted it to feel like a warm stroll at sunrise with surprises lurking in the play equipment”. Well, DeEtta sure makes music seem like a walk in the park with how effortless she sounded throughout the EP.

A Walk in the Park is the perfect project for the lovebirds, the ones still seeking love, late night rides and walks in the parks. With how amazing the EP was, we can’t wait to see what more DeEtta Jain has in store for us.

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