Jay Squared’s EP ‘We Loved for 24 Hours’ is refreshing and heartfelt

Detroit musician Jay Squared‘s new EP We Loved for 24 Hours is a heartfelt offering, full of vibrance and originality. Over 4 warm, ambient instrumentals, the artist provides infectious melodies and sentimental rhymes.

On EP opener “company (love4real), dreamy keyboards and swirling vocal samples create a romantic, surreal backdrop for Squared’s cozy vocals. He comes through with some memorable melodies that set the tone for this intimate EP.

“company (love4real”‘s ambient soundscape is the perfect interlude to album highlight “ride or die”, a more upbeat, groovy track. The instrumental for “ride or die” is centred around bubbly synths and watery backing vocals, underscored by bouncy percussion. Squared comes through with some great vocals on this track, showcasing a sharp songwriting ability.

Next, the elegant “rivera” provides a wistful offering, featuring crunchy percussion built around relaxed guitars. Subtle synths underscore this track, adding extra layers and density. All in all, this song is a great example of the EP’s nostalgic, heartwarming sound.

Lastly, the EP closes out with the pensive “only one”, featuring viral sensation Curtis Roach. This track contains some strong songwriting, with a memorable hook that stays in the listener’s head for days. Furthermore, the instrumental is excellent, centred around mellow guitars and groovy bass. The two artists share a natural chemistry on this track, bolstering this song’s replay value.

Overall, “We Loved for 24 Hours” is a beautiful, sentimental release from Jay Squared that is worthy of much praise. It is evident that Squared possesses much natural talent, and this project helps cement him as an up-and-comer. Hopefully more is soon to come from him.

Written by Jacob Saltzberg for Roundhouse Music Co.

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